18-th National FER Congress

September 30 – October 1, 2021 SMF “Prodecologia”, together with our partner company Recovery S.A., participated in the 18th National FER Congress (Benidorm, Spanish Federation of Recovery and Recycling).

Visitors to the stand it was the opportunity to familiarize with information about our EQUIPMENT for RECYCLING:

  • electric (electrostatic corona and triboelectric) separators for dry separation of mixtures of plastics and metals, as well as different mixtures of polymers;
  • NIR separator “Sterkh” for sorting multicomponent mixtures of polymers by types using radiation in the near infrared range;
  • separator of light fraction for removing films and dust from bulk products using an air flow;
  • magnetic separators for separating mixtures of different materials into magnetic and non-magnetic.