We have always been characterized by pioneering work and leadership. It is due to innovative products that the company is actively developing. Dynamism and scientific approach are the key to the success of our company. This gave us the opportunity to increase production volumes and successfully implement our developments and inventions at enterprises around the world.

Dmytro Lozin


First of all, the company owes its success to the team. Highly qualified and experienced employees of the enterprise responsibly and with inspiration bring to life the innovative developments of the company's scientists and produce high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use products.

Volodymyr Havryliuk


Efficient business administration is possible only if the company's management is clear and understandable to each employee. Therefore, we constantly analyze the current situation, study the experience of the best representatives of business and industry, try to improve the system of employee motivation, set real goals and achieve them.

Maryna Dzhurynska

Chief accounting officer

The marketing management system implemented at the company allows to develop new markets - countries and industries. The dynamism of our specialists, who are ready to arrive to the site and solve tasks of any difficulty, make an impression to the customer, inspires confidence and wish to cooperate with us.

Oleksandr Vakulka

Deputy director of marketing

The presence of a physico-chemical and technological laboratories at the enterprise makes it possible to carry out comprehensive research on the enrichment of both ore and nonmetallic materials and the separation of various materials by methods of electrostatic, eddy current, air and NIR separation.

Valentyn Nitiahovskyi

Deputy director of science

Our motto is: "We know better what customer needs." It is embodied in a integrated approach to the work performance: from the task of the customer to supply and implementation of high-quality viable equipment and in an effort to effectively solve technological, environmental, energy problems of the customer.

Andrii Serediuk

Chief designer