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Magnetic analyser АМR

Designed for rapid qualitative analysis of the content of grains of magnetic minerals in the mineral raw materials, determination of the field characteristics required for magnetic separation of materials.

Magnetic blocks BМ-40B, BМ 11.01.10

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic impurities from flow of grain to prevent damage of grinding parts of mills and ingress metallic impurities into flour.

Plate pressed magnetic blocks BM 1-28 (2-28, 3-28)

Designed for using in magnetic systems of the plate, drum and other separators.

Laboratory kit КL-01

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic impurities from samples of sugar, flour, groats and other bulk materials, as well definition among them such that does not suit to requirements of statutory documents for the largest linear dimensions.

Magnetizing device PN-01

Device designed for magnetization U-shape magnets (dimensions 62х62х25 mm).

Magnetic hand tester PМR

Designed for extracting ferro magnetic impurities from liquid and bulk materials for further qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Magnetic filters FМ

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic and para-magnetic materials from liquids and suspensions.