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Plate pressed magnetic blocks BM 1-28 (2-28, 3-28)

Designed for using in magnetic systems of the plate, drum and other separators.

Plate magnetic separator PN-R

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic impurities and accidental metal objects (screws, nuts, etc.) from bulk materials transported by the belt conveyor.

Laboratory kit КL-01

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic impurities from samples of sugar, flour, groats and other bulk materials, as well definition among them such that does not suit to requirements of statutory documents for the largest linear dimensions.

Plate magnetic separator PPS

Designed for refinement of bulk materials from accidental metallic impurities..

Plate magnetic separator PPM

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic impurities from fluid masses and suspensions…

Tunnel metal detector DМТ2А

Designed for detecting metal contamination (both ferrous and non-ferrous metals) in the stream of non-metallic materials, transported by the conveyor belt to protect the process equipment from damage.

Magnetic mud clarifiers ОМ(М)

Designed for industrial water refinement from insoluble impurities containing magnetic particles (corrosion products of pipelines, equipment)…

Magnetic hand tester PМR

Designed for extracting ferro magnetic impurities from liquid and bulk materials for further qualitative and quantitative analysis.