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Drum magnetic separator BSHM

Designed for extracting scrap from the products of grinding ball mills in the automatic mode.

Plate magnetic separator PN-А

Designed for extracting magnetic impurities and accidental metal objects (screws, nuts, etc.) automatically from bulk materials transported by the conveyor belt.

Plate magnetic separator PК

Designed for refinement of bulk materials from accidental metallic impurities.

Plate piped magnetic separator PТSH

Designed for extracting ferro-magnetic impurities from bulk materials transported by pneumatic transport.

Tunnel metal detector DМТ2C

Designed for detecting accidental metal contamination in different products in order to control the quality of products and protect the process equipment from damage.

Tunnel metal detector DМТ3М

Designed for detecting extraneous metallic impurities (both ferrous and non-ferrous metals including manganous steel) in the flow of non-metallic materials, transported by the conveyor belt to protect the process equipment from damage.

Magnetic mud clarifiers ОМ(М)

Designed for industrial water refinement from insoluble impurities containing magnetic particles (corrosion products of pipelines, equipment)…

Magnetic hand tester PМR

Designed for extracting ferro magnetic impurities from liquid and bulk materials for further qualitative and quantitative analysis.