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Drum magnetic separator BS (D=200-400mm)

Designed for refinement of bulk materials from magnetic impurities….

Plate magnetic separator PN-А

Designed for extracting magnetic impurities and accidental metal objects (screws, nuts, etc.) automatically from bulk materials transported by the conveyor belt.

PCB’s recycling line

Line is intended for grinding and sorting of wastes of scrap of electronic (printed) boards into plastics (glass fiber), ferrous metal, non-ferrous and precious metals.

Complex line for recycling of cables

Line is intended for extraction of non-ferrous metals (Cu, Al) and PVC from wastes of electric cables.

Complex line for recycling of wastes of electronic equipment (WEEE)

Complex line designed for crushing and sorting of scrap of electronic equipment (copier cartridges, electronic circuit boards, etc.) on plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Electrostatic separators EBS (corona)

Intended for dry high-efficiency separation of materials, that differ in electric properties…..

Electrostatic separators EBS-T (triboelectric)

Intended for dry separation of mixture of polymers by the electrical properties, in particular….

Separator of light fraction SLF

It is intended for removal of films and dedusting of bulk products by air flow