Questionnaire for the supply of optical separators

We suggest you to fill the questionnaire for forming the most optimal technical and commercial proposition.

    1. Characteristics of input material for separation

    1.1. Name

    1.2. Material composition * (name of the components of input material and their mass percentage))

    1.2.1. name of the component mass percentag, %
    1.2.2. name of the component mass percentag, %
    1.2.3. name of the component mass percentag, %
    1.2.4. name of the component mass percentag, %
    1.3. Name (s) of useful component (s)

    1.4. Particles sizes*

    1.4.1. particles size, mm mass percentag, %
    1.4.2. particles size, mm mass percentag, %
    1.4.3. particles size, mm mass percentag, %
    1.4.4. particles size, mm mass percentag, %
    1.4.5. particles size, mm mass percentag, %
    1.4.6. particles size, mm mass percentag, %
    1.5. Humidity, %
    1.6. Bulk weight, t/m³
    1.7. Temperature, С°
    1.7. Explosive material
    1.9. Additional information

    2. Requirements to the products of separation

    2.1. Purity of valuable product
    (mass percentage of useful component),m
    2.2. Extraction of useful component, %
    2.3. Expected yield of valuable produc, %
    2.4. Additional information

    3. Characteristics of the process

    3.1. Capacity (max), t/h
    3.2. Place of installation(production line, separate workshop etc.)

    3.3. Maximum allowable concentration of dust in the air of the working area, mg/m3, not more
    3.4. Loading of product(conveyor belt, screw conveyor, bucket elevators, etc.))

    3.5. Unloading of products(product pipeline, screw conveyor, big-bags, etc.)

    3.6. Possibility of product re-cleaning
    3.7. Electric line voltage, V
    3.8. Additional information

    4. Characteristics of the operation conditions

    4.1. Ambient temperature, С°
    4.2. Ambient humidity, %
    4.3. Operation mode of equipment (one-; two- or three-shift)
    4.4. Category of the production in terms of fire and explosion hazard (АТЕХ

    5. Additional options

    5.1. Pause in separators operation, or change of its capacity depending on product feeding (overflow of bunkers, not consistent feed from bucket elevators, etc.)

    5.2. Counter of air amount used by separator
    5.3. System of early warning about finishing of operational life of consumable material and separators parts (lamps, ejectors), need in preventive measures
    5.4. Remote monitoring and control of equipment
    5.5. Access to information resources of the separator through INTERNET
    * In case of absence of the required data at the Customer, SMF “Prodecologia”” organizes carrying out researches for determining composition and other characteristics of material at the customers expense.
    In case of Customer refusal from carrying out these researches SMF "Prodecologia" performs only testings with materials according to the generally accepted methodologies on existing equipment. .
    he customer is informed about the possibility of developing more efficient technology or equipment after the signing of relevant Agreement..
    Customer information

    City, country
    The contact person(Full name, position )