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Plate pressed magnetic blocks BM 1-28 (2-28, 3-28)

Designed for using in magnetic systems of the plate, drum and other separators.

Plate magnetic separator PN-А

Designed for extracting magnetic impurities and accidental metal objects (screws, nuts, etc.) automatically from bulk materials transported by the conveyor belt.

Electrostatic separators EBS-T (triboelectric)

Intended for dry separation of mixture of polymers by the electrical properties, in particular….

Separator of light fraction SLF

It is intended for removal of films and dedusting of bulk products by air flow

Eddy current magnetic separator VS-Е tapeless

Designed for extracting ferrous and non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, etc.) from the stream of non-conducting materials (cullet, metal scrap, solid industrial and household wastes, etc.).

Eddy current magnetic separator VS

Designed for extracting non-ferrous metals from non-conductive materials.

Pulley magnetic separator SH

Designed for extraction ferromagnetic impurities from the bulk material transported by the conveyor belt….

Color Sorter SmartSort

Сolor sorting machine (optical separator) designed to sort a wide range of bulk products not only by color but also by form and texture, with high accuracy by the intellectual quality control system for sorting products.