Questionnaire of metal detector supply

We suggest you to fill the questionnaire for forming the most optimal technical and commercial proposition.

    1. Characteristics of the product

    1.1. Name
    1.2. State (dry, wet, frozen, etc.)

    1.3. Dimensions (length, width, height), mm
    1.4. Package(carton, aluminium foil, metallized, without package, etc.)

    2. Characteristics of the process

    2.1. Maximal productivity, t/hour (packages per minute)/hour

    2.2. Maximal weight of one package, kg
    2.3. Quantity of products along the conveyor width, pieces
    2.4. Method of product supply to the metal detector(automatically by the conveyor or with the help of the other systems of supply)

    2.5. Reaction of metal detector to metal (intermittence, sound, light alarm, automatic rejection, etc.)

    3. Characteristics of the belt-type conveyor

    3.1. Width of the belt, mm
    3.2. Speed of the belt motion, m/s
    3.4. Dimensions of the layer of material on the belt, (height/width), mm
    3.5. Distance between packages, mm
    3.6. Belt material
    3.7. Belt design (sewn, riveted, glued, etc.))

    4. Characteristics of metal impuritiesк

    4.1. Metal(ferrous metal, stainless steel, nonferrous metal, etc.)

    4.2. Size of metal impurities that need to be detected, mm

    5. Characteristics of the place of installation

    5.1.Name (workshop, line, section)

    5.2. Place (inside, under shed))

    5.3. Temperature of environmen, С°
    5.4. Humidity of environmen, %

    5.5. While using electric drives with frequency regulator, need to indicate:

    5.5.1. capacity, kW
    5.5.2. distance from it components
    (frequency converter, power cord, engine) to the supposed place
    of installation of metal detector
    5.6. еdrawing of the place of installation*

    * - еdrawing of the place of installation and other additional documents of request e-mail.

    Customer information

    City, country
    The contact person(Full name, position )