Questionnaire for magnetic separator

We suggest you to fill the questionnaire for forming the most optimal technical and commercial proposition.

    1. Characteristics of input material for separation

    1.1. Name
    1.2. Humidity, %
    1.3. Bulk weight, t/m³
    1.4. Granulometric composition*(including content of the size class less than 100 icrons)

    1.5. Temperature,С°
    1.6. Other(PН, аbrasivity, cohesive properties, etc.)

    2. Characteristics of ferromagnetic impurities

    2.1. Name (bolt, screw, abrasion, etc.)

    2.2. Origin (natural, equipment deterioration, foreign items, etc.)

    2.3. Dimensions, mm
    2.4. Granulometric composition* (including content of the size class less than 100 icrons)

    2.5. Actual content of impurities in the material, mg/kg (%)
    2.6. Acceptable content of impurities in the material, mg/kg (%)

    3. Description of the process

    3.1. Capacity (max), t/h
    3.2. Cleaning method of the separator (manual, mechanical, automatic)

    3.3. Times of the separator cleaning, time/shift

    4. Characteristics of the installation site

    4.1. Place of installation(production line, separate workshop etc.)

    4.2. Belt-type conveyor:

    4.2.1. width of the belt, mm
    4.2.2. speed of the belt, m/s
    4.2.3. dimensions of the layer of material, (height/width), mm
    4.2.4. diameter of the drive drum, mm

    4.3. Product pipeline (free run):

    4.3.1. dimensions of product pipeline (free run)
    4.3.2. angle of inclination, Dgr
    4.3.3. drawing of the installation site*

    * - data and information should be attached to the questionnaire. Also it is specified what percentage of harmful contaminants is, in what minerals and state they are.

    4.4. Pipeline:

    4.4.1. pipeline diameter (Dy), mm
    4.4.2. pressure inside the pipeline, MPa, not more
    4.4.3.drawing of the installation site*

    5. Characteristics of the operation conditions

    5.1. Temperature of environment, С°
    5.2. Humidity of environment, %
    5.3. Operation mode of equipment (one-; two- or three-shift)

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