Questionnaire of electrostatic separator supply

We suggest you to fill the questionnaire for forming the most optimal technical and commercial proposition.

    1. Characteristics of material


    1.2. Material composition by particles sizes
    (mm, name of the component,its mass percentage)*

    1.2.1.particle size,mm fraction, %
    1.2.2.particle size,mm fraction, %
    1.2.3.particle size,mm fraction, %
    1.2.4. 0,8-0,5 mm - fraction, %
    1.2.5. 0,5-0,1 mm - fraction, %
    1.2.6. less than 0,1 mm - fraction, %

    1.3. Material composition by particles sizes (p.1.2)* (particle size, name of the component, its mass percentage)
    1.3.1. particle size, name of the component fraction, %
    1.3.2. particle size, name of the component fraction, %
    1.3.3. particle size, name of the component fraction, %
    1.3.4. 0,8-0,5 mm - name of the component fraction, %
    1.3.5. 0,5-0,1 mm - name of the component fraction, %
    1.3.6. less 0,1 mm - name of the component fraction, %
    1.4. Relative humidity, %
    1.5. Bulk weight, t/m³
    1.6. The temperature of the product (range), С°
    1.7. Explosive material

    2. Description of the installation site

    2.1. Operating temperature, С°
    2.2. Relative humidity of the environmen, %
    2.3. Description of the installation site
    (under roof, not heated building, heated building)

    2.4. Maximum allowable concentration of dust in the building, mg/m³

    3.Characteristics of the process

    3.1. Capacity (estimated), t/h
    3.2. Number of separation products

    3.3. Names of separation products and requirements to the content of useful component, % **

    3.3.1. names of product 1 fraction, %
    3.3.2. names of product 2 fraction, %
    3.3.3. names of product 3 fraction, %
    3.3.4. names of product 4 fraction, %

    3.4. Method of determining the mass percentage of useful component in the product*

    3.4.1. state (international) standard, №, date
    3.4.2. standard of enterprise, №
    clarification is necessary, %
    3.5.1. name of the component 1 fraction, %
    3.5.2. name of the component 2 fraction, %
    3.5.3. name of the component 3 fraction, %
    3.5.4. name of the component 4 fraction, %
    3.6. Category of the production in terms of fire and explosion hazard (АТЕХ)
    * - data and information should be attached to the questionnaire.
    In case of absence of required data, SMF “Prodecologia” performs only testings with materials according to the generally accepted methodologies on existing equipment.
    The customer is informed about the possibility of developing more efficient technology or equipment after the signing of relevant Agreement.
    ** Basic tests (performed in the laboratory of SMF "Prodecologia"):
    - NIR-spectrometry, visual analysis (determining the mass percentage of each plastic in the mix);
    - express methods of determining the origin of polymers (determining density, behavior on fire, solubility, fragility, description of appearance, namely - color, character of surface, transparency, etc.).
    Customer information

    City, country
    The contact person(Full name, position )